Filing an Amendment to Debtor's Social Security Number

To File an Amendment to Petition Pages:

a.   Create an amendment, in PDF format, which lists the last 4 digits of the SS# only.

b.   Electronically file this using Bankruptcy/Miscellaneous/Amendment to Petition Pages

c.   Do not combine this event with filing Form 121, and do not include form 121 with this event.

To File Form 121:

a.   Create Official Form 121, in PDF format, providing the entire SS# of the debtor(s)

b.   Electronically file Form 121 (Statement of Social Security Number) using Bankruptcy/Miscellaneous/Form 121- This is a private entry and can only be viewed by court personnel (trustees and UST do not have access to this entry).

NOTE:  Form 121 only needs to be filed if the social security number originally filed with the court is incorrect.

Service of Amendment:
Serve both documents upon all creditors and parties in interest including the trustee and UST.