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Cases at Federal Records Center


Cases filed in the Eastern District of Kentucky Bankruptcy Court prior to August 1, 2002 are paper cases and are not available in electronic format. Physical (i.e., paper) cases, proceedings and documents filed in the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Eastern District of Kentucky are retained for a period after they are closed and are then shipped for storage to the Federal Records Center (FRC) of the National Archives & Records Administration (NARA) for the Southeast Region in Atlanta, Georgia.  General bankruptcy case files are retained by the Federal Records Center for 15 years, after which time, the case files may be destroyed.  Cases that have been closed for more than 15 years have likely been destroyed by NARA or slated for destruction according to the federal records disposition schedules. As a result, copies would no longer be available from the NARA or the Court as the original documents no longer exist. For the limited number of physical cases still available, NARA provides copies of documents directly to those making a request; ordering directly from the NARA is generally the quickest and least expensive way in which to acquire copies of documents in closed cases. Review the National Archives at Atlanta site for detailed information on how to order.

When ordering copies of paper case files, you will need the following FRC case filing information: the transfer number, the location number, the box number, the case file name, and case number.  Without this information the FRC will not be able to locate the case files you request.