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Ordering a Written Transcript

To obtain an official transcript for court hearings held 12/1/2003 or later:

1. Complete a Written Transcript Request form - see below.

a. For official transcript costs, click here.

b. Complete Box 15 of the request form if you wish the transcript to be delivered to you via email.

c. Select a transcriptionist from the transcriptionists list and complete Box 16 of the request form.

2. Electronically file the completed transcript request form in the corresponding case using the Request for Transcript event found on the CM/ECF Miscellaneous menu.

3. The recording and other pertinent records will be sent by the court directly to the selected transcriptionist.

Transcript requests received after 3 p.m. may not be processed until the following business day.

Email questions to:


Request a Recording of a 341 Meeting:  For information regarding how to obtain a copy of the meeting of creditors, you should contact the Assistant United States Trustee for the Eastern District of Kentucky by calling: 859-233-2822 or by email:


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