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DeBN Request Form & Docket Event

Download the request form:  Debtor’s Electronic Noticing Request (DeBN)
Debtors must complete and file a Debtor’s Electronic Noticing Request (DeBN) form in order to participate in the DeBN program.  It is a fillable PDF providing three options: 
1)   Initial Request
2)   Update to Account Information:
a)    Change an email address;
b)    Debtor files a new case and has an existing DeBN account; and/or
c)     Request reactivation of a DeBN account.
3)   Request to Deactivate Electronic Noticing
File the request form:
Attorneys:  Please file the request form electronically using this docket event: 
Bankruptcy > Miscellaneous > Debtor Electronic Noticing - DeBN
Debtors:  If you are not represented by an attorney, mail the form to the Clerk’s Office or send it by email to