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Matrix Uploading Problems

Additional checks are now being made to prevent bad data from being uploaded with the creditor matrix file. Each line must begin with a letter, digit, or one of these characters: # % & @ (no other characters are acceptable).
Due to this change, one commonly used character that can no longer be used at the beginning of a line in the creditor text file is a parenthesis, for example:
Joe Smith
(Unknown address).
If a parenthesis is the first character of any line, the creditor text file will fail to upload, although the rest of the case opening process will proceed normally, and the case will be filed. There will be a notice of filing at the end of the transaction as usual; however, it should include this error message at the top:
"Error! A line in the uploaded creditor matrix starts with a non-word character. Please cleanup the file and resubmit. An error occurred while loading creditors."
To correct:
1. Remove the parenthesis from the creditor text file and save the change.
2. Log into CMECF and click on Bankruptcy – "Creditor Maintenance" – "Upload a creditor matrix file". Enter the case number of the case you just filed and then browse and attach the corrected creditor text file.
Note: Do not attempt to upload the creditors using your petition preparation software, or you will file another new case.