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Most Common Errors

Document is malformed: 

After CM/ECF upgrade on March 5, 2022, the Kentucky Eastern Bankruptcy CM/ECF database will be more protective and selective when you upload a PDF document.  If you get an "ERROR: Document is malformed or contains code..." message  when you upload a PDF, see the instructions for resolving the issue.

Debtor names capitalized on new petitions: 

Use normal upper and lower case for the debtor names.

Docket codes are not specific:

Choose the specific event code when docketing.  Do not use the "supplement document" or "miscellaneous relief" code when there is a more specific event code to choose i.e.:  Chapter 13 plan and the certificate of service of the 13 plan; objection to confirmation.  

Duplicate Attorney Records:

Do not add an attorney as a party. Select or add the party being represented by the attorney. Parties do not receive e-mail notifications.

Electronic signatures are missing or incorrect:

Pleadings are being submitted with a blank signature line, just a name with no "/s/" to indicate that it was signed, or with just the "/s/" and no indication of who is doing the signing.

To see Section VI of the Administrative Procedures Manual, which covers signature requirements, click here.

Wrong pdf filed:

If you right-click on the pleading and open it first, before attaching it, you can verify that you are uploading the correct pdf.