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EXPIRED: Comment Period for Proposed Changes to Local Rules and Forms

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

EXPIRED:  After careful review and consideration of the public comments on the current local rules and forms, changes have been made.  For the next 30 days until November 13, 2015, the judges will take any additional comments and suggestions regarding the proposed changes to the current local rules and forms. 

Official bankruptcy forms are currently under revision and since the final versions are not yet complete, the court reserves the right to make additional minor changes as deemed necessary to conform with the national forms.  For a redline version of the proposed Local Rule changes see our Local Rules and General Orders page or click here. For redline versions of proposed Local Forms see our Local Forms page or click here for Local Form 1009-1 or Local Form 3015-1.

To e-mail your comments on these proposals please click here.